Dehmke-Merk-Schreiber DMS2

CD Euro 15,- incl. shipment (europe)

"The three sound patterns combine, as if they were five of them . Their compositions are also high-brow stuff. They indulge themselves in traditional musical currents, excursions into rock music , free improvisations and folklore. They produce a high level of variety and inspired solo presentations. They produce a series of small films."
(Vorarlberger Nachrichten)


Norbert Dehmke: tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, bassflute
Andieh' Merk: drums
Gunther Schreiber: 7-string guitar


The Proof Of The Groove (9:35)

Toskana (7:52)

7 für 3 (4:25)

Veronika (4:44)

Slow Fun"K" (6:22)

A Worms Stickl (5:04)

The Race Is Going On (5:18)

Stuck a Ruck (4:31)

GAS (6:34)

An einem Regentag (6:15)

Vrruggde Zit (5:29)

All Titles composed by Norbert
Dehmke except "Stuck a Ruck"
composed by Andieh' Merk
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