Tiny Tribe milou

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The music of tiny tribe takes the listener on a journey. Between composed sections and open, improvised parts the band tells stories, melts spheric soundscapes into oriental grooves. Jazz is allways present, providing the language for the interaction between the various musical influences.

Guitarist and sound-artist Florian Zenker and bassist Jens Loh met about ten years ago in The Netherlands. While working with artists and groups as renowned and diverse as NIMBUS, Ingrid Jensen, FLAIRCK or Dave Liebman the wish to start a group together began to emerge.
In Germany they crossed ways with Iranian percussionist Afra Mussawisade. His uniquely subtle yet powerful playing and his limitless musical vocabulary complemented their vision perfectly – tiny tribe was born!

The Dutch violinist Oene van Geel organicly blends into tiny tribe´s sound with his sensitive yet powerful approach. .

Florian Zenker guitar, 11-string cittern, electronics
Jens Loh double bass, electronics
Afra Mussawisade percussion
feat. Oene van Geel violin, viola (tracks 1, 2, 8 and 11)



it already has

marvin’s escape


mr. fogg

arabian tango

train to somewhere



nap # 2

meet the moose

ballad of the blue donkey

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