Thomas Fuchs nightworks 

CD Euro 15,- incl. shipment (europe)

This CD under the label "jazzcuisine recordings” consists of a mix of drum `n` bass, Jungle, TripHop, Ethno elements and JAZZ. The pieces evovlved gradually in our own studio called “video&soundatelier”. For the various pieces well-known musicians from the Lake of Constance region were invited to improvise to the pre-produced sounds and rhythms and then produced their own improvisational elements after which the final arrangements were completed..


Michael Huber: trombone
Andie'h Merk: soprano sax, tenor sax, bariton sax, flute
Stefan Sigg: flugelhorn
Thomas Fuchs: guitars, bass, vocals, piano,
samples, synthesizers & drum programming


'cause you're there (Thomas Fuchs) 6:24

Soon (Thomas Fuchs) 6:29

So what (Miles Davis) 5:30

Runnin' (Thomas Fuchs) 5:48

Babe I'm gonna leave you
(Jimmy Page & Robert Plant) 5:56

Footprints (Wayne Shorter) 9:52

Sundaymorning (Thomas Fuchs) 6:41

Indian princess (Thomas Fuchs) 9:39

Tender nettle (Thomas Fuchs) 4:44

Lost game (Thomas Fuchs) 5:56

L.A.U.R.A (Thomas Fuchs) 7:19

All arrangements by Thomas Fuchs
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