böhm-halle-sell try to org

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Three musicians who are all emotionally attuned to each other. In their individual expressiveness they are like cogs in the same machine. Whilst complementing each other they often find harmonise in their frequently fragile compositions. By constantly scratching at the surface they exude an unsuppressible warmth which envelops the sound and creates space in which all of them enter with their wonderful compositions. Böhm-halle-sell, a band which embodies the views expressed in contemporary Jazz.

Rainer Böhm: piano
Gunnar Halle: trumpet, electronics
Rainer Sell: laptop


try to org 6.08*

anneme sevgi ile 6.44**

x-tension 7.02*

cat of pray 4.02**

x-ray of a cat 2.58*

trainstations 4.28***

leading north 5.16*

ständchen 6.34**

composed by
rainer sell*,
rainer böhm**,
gunnar halle***
/ arranged by
rainer böhm, rainer sell, gunnar halle
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